Educational Opportunities
Educational Opportunities
Educational Opportunities
Educational Opportunities
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Educational Opportunities

Thanks to support from our donors, Ibutwa is currently sponsoring 76 children in two villages, Uvira and Kamanyola. These children are attending classes ranging from kindergarten to high school.  Ibutwa covers school fees (public education is not free in the DRC), examination fees, and seeks to annually provide mandatory uniforms, shoes and notebooks.


As PMC member  Laurence Clerfeuille noted in a recent newsletter, “Field coordinators in the Congo send us detailed reports on the childrens' progress twice a year. There is still more to do, however, in addition to continuing payment every year. Creating a small library would be instrumental in helping children continue their learning experience.”  


Education is also a key tool in combating the stigma and social isolation that many of our clients and their families have experienced as aftermaths to sexual assault.  Through Ibutwa’s support, the dependents of our clients are able, not only to access the tools and skills that will allow them to become self-sufficient, they are also able to renew their participation in a vital community institution.

The Impact of Ibutwa's Education Program

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