A Shift in the Approach to Medical Treatment: Treating Closer to Home

As you may be able to tell from the information provided on the website, medical treatment and the associated healthcare costs are an integral division of the work that VIBI does. One of Ibutwa’s main initiatives is to provide funding to support survivors of sexual and gender-based violence for medical conditions related to rape as part of a holistic approach in helping these victims rebuild their lives. Previously, the Ibutwa field staff has coordinated the medical concerns of women supported by Ibutwa with the local hospitals nearest to the villages of either Uvira or Kamanyola. However, the associated hospitals range between three and ten miles away from the villages. Ibutwa works hard to fully fund the medical costs associated with these visits, which unfortunately, leaves limited funds available for regular, reliable transportation for minor medical complaints, such as headaches or colds. To become more economically efficient with funds, Ibutwa has recently rented a new medical space and has hired a new employee Nicha Mpia Need on a trial basis, who Ibutwa is hoping can take on the responsibilities of establishing a first-level diagnosis and administering appropriate and comprehensive care, when able, for cases which do not require hospitalization. With that being said, when necessary, Ibutwa field staff will still continue to coordinate hospital transportation when necessary in order to create the best medical care possible for our participants.

Not only has this become economically efficient for the organization, but Ibutwa also hopes that having a trained medical staff member, who has a regular and pre-established relationship with the women that Ibutwa sponsors, will provide a more integrated approach to treatment. With a better understanding of the everyday lives of the women Ibutwa sponsors, we are hoping Nicha will eventually be able to administer more individualistic diagnoses and treatments.

Because this project is still growing, we are still in need of various medical supplies in order to continue the expansion of our established medical center. If you would like to support the medical work that Ibutwa is doing or are an organization that would like to donate medical supplies, please contact us through our website or consider making a financial donation! We hope to continue to grow and provide the most effective medical treatment for the women and children who we serve.


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