Meet the Women and Children of Ibutwa

The Ibutwa blog will be featuring a series of posts that introduce readers to some of the wonderful women and children Ibutwa is working hard to support. The well-being of the participants Ibutwa serves is an integral part of the organization and continues to motivate the team members that unceasingly work to keep Ibutwa functioning and successful. Because Ibutwa strives for developing community awareness and support, we wanted to share a small look into the lives of the women and children that endlessly inspire the team members of Ibutwa to keep on working and growing in their mission of supporting women and children that have been affected by violence in the DRC. A new testimonial will be posted every Tuesday. Check back in on Tuesdays to read the introductions of new women and children that Ibutwa sponsors!

A special thanks to Cleophace Mukeba and Pelagie Misasa who aided me in the development of this project!


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