Ohana Fest: A Family Gathering That Will Never Be Forgotten

This past weekend, a zero waste festival dedicated to raising awareness about Colony Collapse Disorder & the importance of sustainability in Fairfax, Vermont touched the hearts of many. We gathered as a conscious community to celebrate being alive and to unify in the name of preserving local ecosystems.

Sam Segalas-Shaw and I represented The Vermont Ibutwa Initiative to break the silence about the harsh implications of the resource war in the DRC to countless people. We commenced the conversations about the complex issue of conflict minerals and biodiversity losses (connected to the genocide) on a positive note by informing people about the amazing work that Ibutwa has accomplished from the bottom up in the Congo. Focusing on what the word "rebirth" meant to each and every one of us, helped many people recognize that each moment is a grand opportunity for growth and development. The women and children of Ibutwa serve as great examples of individuals who are resilient. Healing is collective and it was truly an honor speaking on the behalf of these strong spirits.

A special thanks to my dear family friend, Michelle Hood, who makes these orgonite energy transmutation devices that help draw out negative energy to allow the light of living love from our own heart centers to saturate our cells with vibrant health, we were able to hold group meditations in honor of our sisters who are persevering in the Congo with the help of Ibutwa. Explaining to our new festival friends that Ibutwa means rebirth created space for conversations about releasing what no longer serves us to take place. Recipients of Ibutwa were kept in mind throughout our prayers and people who had no idea about the crisis in the Congo were reminded of how lucky we are in the United States to have clean drinking water, amongst many other luxuries.

Check out her holistic healing energy devices at http://litethelight.bigcartel.com/

We want to thank RUNA for donating 20 cases of their wonderful product to this festival. They are providing sustainable livelihoods to indigenous farmers in the Amazon in order to prevent families from being trapped into the deforestation industry when they need a source of income for medical expenses or educational opportunities. RUNA means "fully alive" to the Kichwa tribe and we could not be more grateful to have had the chance to partner Ibutwa with a company that is also strengthening the local economy in a place where capitalism has had devastating social & environmental impacts that most consumers are purposely disconnected from. Support these farmers here at runa.org!

Manifesting dreams into reality, one purchase at a time. Support local!

Sam and I were honored to help our brothers and sisters at Ohana let go the emotional pain from the past, as we believe that healing is collective. Dancing to release is a universal act that has always been practiced by tribes for as long as history has been recorded. We hope that the love we are perpetually sending out has assisted the shedding of worldliness and return to innocence on your soul journey.

"Consciousness is, at the same time, both collective and individual. The collective is made of the individual and the individual is made of the collective. Our consciousness can be transformed at its base by the practice of mindful consuming, mindfully guarding our senses and looking deeply. The practice should aim at transforming both the individual and collective aspects of our consciousness. When afflictions within us are transformed, our consciousness becomes wisdom, shining near and far, showing the way to liberation for both individuals and society."

-Thich Nhat Hanh, The Heart of the Buddha's Teaching

Om mani padme hum is a tibetan prayer for the unfolding of the mind of enlightenment. We hope that consumers wake up to the realization that our purchasing power is much more powerful than society has sold us believe. WE create the demands within the globalized market and pray that consumers demand conflict free minerals as a part of the shift toward a socially responsible direction today!


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