We have created a Kickstarter fundrasier to Revolutionize Ms. Wabiwa's Bakery

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/988400133/ibutwa-bakery-initiative Our representatives are excited to announce that we have created a Kickstarter account to start raising money for the expansion of a sustainable livliehood project, inspired by Ms. Wabiwa Wakusomba. She has dedicated a majority of her time to cultivating a sustainable livelihood through the bakery business which she has cultivated. As the entrepreneur of her small business, she takes the responsibility of buying the wheat, flour, sugar, charcoal and other ingredients from out of town. She then carries these essential inputs in two large bags on her back to return up the hill. She spends about 9 hours per day to generate about $9 of profit from each bag she carries. Although she is not a big woman, she is very strong in the terms of her commitment to developing this career. Unfortunately, by the end of the day, she is exhausted. This is one of the reasons why we want her to be closer to the valley, in order to modernize her business. If we expand this bakery, more women can start working for and with her. If we meet our goal, this project will allow for additional job opportunities for other recipients of Ibutwa as well! We hope you keep in mind that Ibutwa strives to enable women to become financially independent of our program, once they are healed enough to enter our sustainable livelihood program and create a job that they are passionate about.

This is resilience in action! By contributing to our bakery fundraiser project, you will be helping strengthen the local food system in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The cost for this new bakery has been estimated to cost around $51,000. Making this shared dream become a reality is in our hands as conscious beings who believe in the merits of building communtiy. We have faith that the dedication and inspiration from Ms. Wabiwa will encourage you to contribute to this amazing cause.

All of the courageous spirits who are connected to the Vermont Ibutwa Initiative sincerely appreciate any efforts to help us help others, thank you :)

After two days of micro-finance training, here is Wakusomba in Ibutwa’s office. She was being read the terms of the contract and in the second picture, she is receiving money to begin expanding this project. After the meeting, she walked away confidently with great plans for a better future.

#projects #sustainability

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