Wishing the children of Ibutwa a successful academic year!

School is starting up again, not only here in the states, but also in the DRC! With the help of contributions, we are sending 110 children on their quest to broaden their knowledge. We strongly believe in the importance of granting the youth with an education, considering that these children will one day be in charge of creating sustainable livelihoods for a better society. The Congo will advance in alongside with the people who are living there. What is learned in school is meant to help guide the children to becoming the best version of themselves, not only for their families, but also for their country. Investing in education helps society grow through awareness. The youth needs to be properly guided to work towards understanding, acknowledging and mitigating oppression in the area.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is still known to be the rape capital of the world. Ibutwa is working daily to change that! By demanding conflict free goods & services, working from the bottom up, and joining forces with neighbors, local communities benefit from the new job opportunities that continue to replace outdated forms of income (specifically the conflict mineral trade). Children in Africa all too often get roped into the rebel force lifestyle, which is a main reason why we want to give as many children as possible an opportunity to learn and avoid that path. The mindset of objectification needs to end. Every person should have the chance to go to school without being lured into a lifestyle of violence and crime In Africa, a staggering 14% of the individuals under 18 are child soldiers or used for hard labor.


Being in a supportive environment motivates the students of Ibutwa to dream bigger dreams for a brighter future. These children are encouraged to be the leaders toward a more sustainable society, where the resource war no longer hinders biodiversity, the land, water and families.

Here are some of the children who were patiently waiting to receive uniforms for the new school year in front of Ibutwa's Office in Uvira.

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