Can you help us manifest another dream this new year?

This is what remains of Wabiwa Wakusombas bakery that was funded through our sustainable livelihood project in 2015. Since receiving the micro finance, she was making a steady income baking bread for locals but unfortunately it was washed away in November due to heavy rains. This has blocked her from making money to support her family and healing process, which is why all of us at ibutwa would be honored to raise enough money so we can revitalize her business.

Volunteers for Ibutwa tried to raise money to modernize her business over the summer of 2016 on Kickstarter but it did not have enough backers to be successful. Now we want to relocate her in a safe and more populated area so she can start a new bakery business that could even employ more women who receive micro finances through The Vermont Ibutwa Initiative.

An amazing new year blessing would be an improved bakery. We give women this money confidently as in investment to strengthen the local economies in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Please keep in mind that all donations are tax deductible to our 501c3 non profit organization and have the power to transform lives, thank you!

Here Wabiwa is selling bread from her old operation when it was still functioning. We are praying for the universes to provide her and others with an updated space to run an improved bakery.

#taxdeductibledonations #sustainablelivelihoods #bakeryproject #SupportLocal

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Ibutwa is exempt from federal income tax under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) section 501(c)(3).

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