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The Center For Service & Sustainability will be hosting events to honor the admirable mission of the Vermont Ibutwa Initiative this semester.

On friday, October 6th, students gathered in the Finney Quad to create rhythm while singing songs about the DR Congo. It was beautiful to hear the word ibutwa being sung by folks who had for the first time learned about the non profit organization. There were requests to make jams for resilience a regular occasion on campus.

October is sustainability month at Champlain College so it is a great time for students to learn about local social and environmental initiatives in a variety of ways.


There is a clean up, meditation & yoga event happening today from 1-3 pm at Mt. Philo. Wheeli, the carpooling app for college students, is sponsoring the trip so students without cars can catch a ride over. There will be bags and reusable gloves available for anyone who wants to leave the mountain cleaner than when we arrived. We will be practicing meditation and yoga on the top. The intention behind this event is to bring people together to celebrate the beauty of life!

The meditation has been inspired by the energy of ibutwa, focusing on the idea of a renaissance.

We will be welcoming new creativity with a visualization practice I will be sharing.

After, Haley Creamer will lead us through a yoga flow to expand us in new directions.

I will be tabling outside of our campus store in the commuter lounge on October 13th from 1-3 pm. We will have free Fair Trade cards for people to write words of encouragement for the women of ibutwa. We will be also raising awareness about the film screening that the Women’s & Gender Center has planned for Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Educating consumers about Fair Trade’s goals of empowerment is important because some people do not even know what the Fair Trade label implies. Ibutwa strongly believes in ethical consumption, considering their educational approaches that teach people about conflict minerals.

Champlain College also hosts an annual Wellness Week. In support of this campus wide offering, the Women’s & Gender Center, Office of Diversity & Inclusion, P.A.U.S.E (People Advocating and Uniting for Social Equity) and the Center For Service & Sustainability have collaborated to host a Meditation As A Common Thread in the Women’s & Gender.

Having a safe space to calmly breathe is a blessing. The Women’s & Gender Center has partnered with Steps to End Domestic Violence for Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2017. We are looking forward to the meditation practice to get people together in solidarity with all survivors and and allies of abuse on October 17th from 5-6 pm. We invite you to join us in Skiff Hall to rebirth connection.

On 10/25 from 12-3pm, the Women’s & Gender Center, P.A.U.S.E, O.D.I & CSS also welcome you to join us on an extra special wednesday to make art in honor of the DR Congo. In support of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we will be putting together a string of flags to send The Vermont Ibutwa Initiative. This is an opportunity for survivors and allies to learn about Congolese culture and express creativity in the Women's & Gender Center. Integrating art therapy is my personal favorite approach to addressing local and global rape culture so feel free to support any of these events if you feel similarly!

#Solidarity #awareness #meditation #wellness #mindfulness

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