Dance For Resilience with Revibe 11/17/17

The Center For Service & Sustainability, Office of Diversity & Inclusion and Women's & Gender Center in partnership with See Say Do is proud to announce a Dance For Resilience FUNdraiser! This solidarity event will be held in the Champlain College Art Gallery from 5:30- 7:30 on Friday, November 17th.

Spoken word poetry will kick off the event until 6:00 when the 4 piece band, Revibe, performs to support the ibutwa inspired gathering. They are an enlivening group that is sure to make you move!

Check them out on Spotify or

Public interventions that uplift people are essential to shine light on the empowerment mission of the Vermont Ibutwa Initiative. Several events have been held to raise awareness about conflict minerals being that they are a main cause of gender based sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Volunteers and artists (such as Samantha Segalas-Shaw who made the graphic above and the Dance For Resilience with Revibe posters) have been sharing their talents to grow the #ConflictFreeSociety movement.

The term for individuals who are willing to break the silence about the violence connected to the electronic industry are called Upstanders. We are encouraging upstanders to Dance For Resilience worldwide in solidarity with ibutwa.

"Rape as a tool of war, in some places, has been neutralized. Wars have been resolved. Understanding that there are answers is empowering. Demonstrating that the answers usually involve partnerships between Frontline Upstanders in the war zones and Citizen Upstanders around the world is crucial to showing that there is a connection between the activism of ordinary citizens and the ending of wars and massive human rights crimes…. Unless there is a political cost for inaction, we will get inaction"

Shirts and consent cookies will be for sale as donations to the Vermont Ibutwa Initiative. There is no ticket price so sliding scale donations will be graciously accepted. We understand if you are not financially able to donate but ask you to share information online about why ibutwa has formed. Artistic contributions are truly priceless and valued by the organization beyond words. Inspiration is a powerful force which we hope participants feel while learning about what is happening in the DR Congo as a result of the technology industry.

From the first Dance For Resilience in Charlotte, VT 2016.

From the second Dance For Resilience at Lowtide Label in Auckland, New Zealand 2017.

We invite you to break the silence and dance for resilience with us!


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