Call to action @ Moon Hooch with Gnomedad & Honeycomb

“Throughout our lives, we will constantly have choices and opportunities to either become Upstanders or bystanders. If enough of us choose to be Upstanders, we can help change the course of history. That is the Enough Moment. Enough of us, with enough commitment, will lead the change.” – Actor/activist Don Cheadle and Enough Founding Director John Prendergast, The Enough Moment: Fighting to End Africa’s Worst Human Rights Crimes.

A few members from P.A.U.S.E. (People Advocating & Uniting for Social Equity) will be tabling throughout the Moonhooch show on 12/19 at Higher Ground! Volunteers had tabled at their Burlington show earlier this year in February to shine light on the purpose of ibutwa. They received support from fellow world shakers while selling Rebirth & Resilience shirts.

Volunteers who have been advocating for this cause have realized that it is essential to engage people with this content in uplifting ways. Raising awareness about conflict minerals through the lecture setting has shown to be less effective in comparison to events that provide people the space to dance and connect with others.

Mindful movement is an experience that helps release tension through the body. Bringing up sensitive topics such as sexual violence can be triggering. To help transform feelings of upset and anger at the corruption which perpetuates systemic racism and gender inequality, ibutwa hopes to be a force that allies can get involved with to aid in this local and global reform.

There will also be a petition for the City Council of Burlington to integrate a conflict free mineral resolution. Signing it in solidarity with the Congolese communities being directly impacted by the mineral trade amplifies this dynamic grass roots movement.

Examples of resolutions passed here:


Ibutwa is extremely grateful for this opportunity. Having a table allows volunteers the chance to reach out to the larger community to help grow the #ConflictFreeSociety movement! A special thanks to Moon Hooch for collaborating with ibutwa.

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