Liz Moore Dance Company Event

On October 20th 2019, the community came together to support both Vermont Ibutwa and the Moore Dance Company at the First Congregational Church for the Moore Dance Company Recital. It was a beautiful mix of lovely dancing from the girls and generous support for not only for the hard work that the girls and women put into their dancing, but also for the efforts of Vermont Ibutwa to help women and children in the DR Congo by the community. Proceeds went to fund Ibutwa’s mission in the Congo, supporting recent initiatives such as the purchase and distribution of school uniforms and 171 mosquito nets.

The Moore Dance Company’s mission is to “bring to life both the beauty of dance, and our shared humanity.” Through dancing, Mrs. Moore, uses her choreography to highlight moments of joy, sorrow, tragedy, laughter, and despair throughout life, showcasing basic human truths. Mrs. Moore created the Moore Dance Company with the desire to spotlight charities that are working hard for the vulnerable, with a special emphasis on women and children. We are very grateful to the Moore Dance Company for dedicating their recital to support us and for opening up space to remind people about the problems in the DR Congo and our human connection to each other despite being thousands of miles apart. Their dances not only showcased to skills and talents of the dancers, but also the emotions felt from tragedy and from community.

During intermission breaks through the recital, an alumni acapella group from the local Burlington area sang lovely songs that perpetuated the mission of the Moore Dance Company. It was wonderful to see different groups within our local community come together to create this amazing event.

Following the recital was a small reception with food and drinks, bringing the dancers, Ibutwa volunteers and community members together. It was truly beautiful to see everyone coming together to celebrate beauty small beauties in this world. It is exciting to see our various community groups coming together to support each other. Thank you, Mrs. Moore and the lovely dancers for this wonderful event!

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